Pattarakan corporation co.,ltd.

     As one of leading manufacturer , importer, and exporter of Barite, Bentonite and other minerals, we are ready to deliver high quality products with international standard which are widely recognized by customers worldwide.


The company continues to grow.

      Constant growth of the company contributed by not only quality of our products as well as on time delivery but also continuous support from our customers.


Leader in the production of barite.

      Being the first in Thailand to have exported the largest quantity of barite per shipment to USA.

The beginning of the company

During the growth of oil & gas drilling as well as automotive industries, we were the first to realize that natural barite in Laos PDR are of high quality and abundant in resources. Therefore we have mined barite in Loas and imported them into Thailand for processing and marketed our products which have made us well known both in foreign countries.

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    Year 2011 - Establishment of our organization

    On December 9, 2011, we were registered with the Department of Business Development in the name of partnership pattarakan Trading limited partnership. Our head office was located in Chumporn province to distribute barite (barium sulfate), Illemenite , tin as well as by-products from palm oil production.

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    Year 2013 - Transformed to company limited

    Pattarakan Trading Ltd., Part. moved head office to Bangkok and transformed into Pattarakan Trading Company Limited" to accommodate our continuous growth. We were already well known at the time as major barite producer from Laos PDR as well as other chemicals for the oil and natural gas drilling industry.

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    Year 2015 - Expansion of branch office and registration bonded warehouses

    The company continued to grow and increased the production. We then registered a bonded warehouse to accommodate increasing volume of many folds of our productions from the mine. And at the same time, we registered Branch office in Loei Province as preparation for delivery of our products to meet the needs of both domestic and international customers

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    Year 2019, stepping up to be No. 1 exporter of barite in Thailand

    Pattarakan Trading Co., Ltd. has stepped up to become a true leader of barite production. Being the first exporter in Thailand that has delivered large quantity of barite to USA and Middle East. We also started to manufacture and import high quality bentonite for various industries targeting to be major distributor in Thailand

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    Year 2020 - changing company name to "Pattarakan Corporation Co., Ltd."

    We changed our company name to "Pattarakan Corporation Co., Ltd" to be recognized as an international organization who produce and distribute high quality products. Good supports from customers over 9 years has great contribution to our success.

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    Year 2021 - Expanded businesses for sustainable growth

    We are well recognized from many business sectors because of continuous development of quality products. And in order to gain sustainable growth, Pattarakan Corporation Co., Ltd has expanded business many other sections. Pattarakan Logistics Co., Lrd as well as other businesses has been established to support our growth and to develop new products to accommodate the needs of our customers.